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Mk. II / Promethea's Armageddon

by Prisma Circus

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-Since sky did finally fall to the ground how long days were days, oh wandering one? Into the winter you had walked untill the spring arrived, then now your wings have spread, young butterfly, fly, just fly through time... -As loud was the thunder, you haven't forgot, as tall was the otwe itself broke about... but in the noise you found a key along with chords and melody, so don't you fear the anger of god... -Because I've released the everlasting fire whereasnow no eagle desires my liver! -I am a sudden sparkle that dance in your mind Promethea is my name and I won't ever die... Hear what the snakes they have to tell as you could ever spell and turn gold from lead in the endless night... -Because I've released the everlasting fire whereasnow no eagle desires my liver!
Sempre he sigut un matusser, poruc, tossut i barroer. Sempre he sigut un ma-ma- matusser no se per què... Però la culpa tota es del govern jo no volia enviarte al infern, Torna amb mi si us plau dónali un petò al gripau... Pels teus ulls de color marrò jo viatjo a una altre dimensió pels teus llavis de color roig em torno boig però encara que sigui un matusser i que potser mai mes canviaré una cosa si t'he de dir amb tú només he fet que patir.... Ara que torno a la ciutat amb quatre riffs i el cor trencat ara que se qu'he fracassat que's el final!! ¿Per que m'jauria jo d'empenedir si se que amb mi mai t'has aborrit? Una cosa es evident, el blues no s'em dona tan malament...
-Lost in a jungle, far far away... searching for peace in the end of my days... So I've crossed the path of a beatiful snake painted on red, yellow and black... "Oh please release of my pain as I need your brew to flow through my veins..." "Sweet deadly viper, don't sleep away, as you are the reason for I am here today-ay..." "So why don't you bite me as I offer my hand? Why don't you show me the shine of your fangs? "Is there any poison you could play? Is there any glory for fake coral snake?" -Lost in a jungle, far far away... still searching for peace in the end of my days...
In my room tonight, that is the way I will die the state had judged and found me as a ghost from another time as I do ride the obsolescence and my death is gonna be televised let me tell you sir which is the method I chose to expire At twelve a bomb goes off and nobody scapes from the twilight zone so thanks for having come though I haven't been very fair after all Isn't death an equalizer? Aren't we both out of soul, flesh and mind? Now face the camera, and let's together step on the light! As you can realise, door is opening at your request. Although today you'll survive, tomorrow you will awake Obsolete! As you are Obsolete Mr Canciller!!
Preludio - 01:32
Era una noche de niebla temprana y la luna menguante mi paso alumbraba con la ciega esperanza por verte una vez mas ¿quien me iba a decir que el propio abismo iba a contemplar? Y ahora transito senderos perdidos mas allá del bien y el mal hubo una brecha en el tiempo de un compás sideral y un coro fantasmal cantó en mi cabeza hasta hacerla colapsar con la fría realidad... Desde cuando deambulo ya no recuerdo, ni pretendo recordar, tomé por cruz mi guitarra y ya no puedo escapar, condenad@ a guiar a l@s que nunca nadie osa ya nombrar por siempre jamás...
El Coloso al caminar, aunque lento sea su pisar la Tierra entera hace resonar. Si tras sus pasos vas tal vez a su espalda te deje trepar y la Utopía poder otear Déjame creer en ti, creer en mi... No lo pretendas someter si es que te ciega el ansia de poder recuerda que ocurrió en Babel. Mas si lo tratas con bondad a toda fiera logra amansar y cualquier guerra él puede parar... la guerra que hay en ti, la que hay en mi...


Prisma Circus : Mk.II / Promethea's Armageddon


released December 28, 2017

Joaquin Escudero Arce: bass / vocals /acoustic guitar / percussion / sound mix assistant / panning
Alexandre Sanchez Miralles: electric guitars / crazy rythms & solos
Antonio Tamargo Rodríguez: Drums / Percussion / Acoustic Guitar / Synth / Organ
Miguel Herrero (ACME) : production / sound engineer / mixing / mastering -- guest musician -- organ / synth
Luis Casero: Sound assistant / logistic
This album was recorded, mixed and mastered during 2017 May, June, August and November at ACME Studio (Avilés, Asturies, Spain).

Artwork Jalon de Aquiles and Lucie Blin.
With all due respect to our references and as a humble tribute to them (you know who they are);
All sounds composed and produced by Prisma Circus (C) 2017 - 2018
Thanks to our friends and families.
Agradecimientos especiales a Miguel, Rita y Milky, a Acid Mess & Sombra, Mohwa Studio (Casero + Escobedo), Jalón de Aquiles & Lucie Blin, Oscar García & Alex Carmona .


all rights reserved



Prisma Circus Barcelona, Spain

Joaquín Escudero Arce · bass/ vocals
Alexandre Sanchez Miralles · Electric guitars
Antonio Tamargo Rodríguez · Drums

Alejandro Carmona Blanco · Drums
Joaquín Escudero Arce · Bass/Vocals
Oscar Garcia Albizu · Guitars
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